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With the intent to make the conference more interactive, we are proud to announce these outstanding workshops. The Sophia Antipolis Science & Technology Park is surrounded by world leaders in the R&D industry, so we focus on the issues that affect the economy and industry.

All workshops will be held on the Wednesday and are intended to attract industrial participatants; hence, there is the Workshop day registration available on Conftool (a single Workshopsday ticket is available for 200€).

Building a Global Tech-Entrepreneurship Communit

Building a Global Tech-Entrepreneurship Community

Four Workshops on Innovation, Engineering & Technology
  • W1 – Scaling-up Innovation Capacities through Usage-Centered Innovation for Mature Manufacturing Companies
  • W2 - Interdisciplinary: the road for digital transformation
  • W3 - Intuition in Creativity and Innovation
  • W4- Technology supporting innovation: Smart Service Prototyping & Innovation intermediaries (Labs & Co)

Workshop 1 (full day): W1 – Scaling-up Innovation Capacities through Usage-Centered Innovation for Mature Manufacturing Companies
Organized by Dr. Pauline Lacom, LISI Automotive; Dr. Adrien Lecossier, PRIMAGAZ; Dr. Marc Pallot, MP CONEX, Sergio Terzi & Lucia Ramundo, Politecnico de Milano

New approaches, frameworks, methods and tools to support a Usage-Centered Innovation Process 
Businesses have always been doing their best to appear as a unique solution on their market and to regularly bring incremental innovations for remaining competitive, hence, keeping their market share. However, this strategy does not prevent them against new comers bringing more radical breakthrough innovations that put the market upside down and dramatically change the habits. The new challenge for those mature firms, especially manufacturing companies, is the ability of anticipating users’ expectations and scaling-up their innovation capacity in getting bright innovative ideas through the engagement of their users in their innovation process. This strategy simply consists in turning users from observed subjects into value co-creators. Nonetheless, this is not always so simple to implement within the day-to-day operational context, especially for those companies that are more used to focus their innovations on new products and technical improvements. 
However, supporting such companies in the setting-up of a User-Driven Innovation process is possible through the set-up of specific approaches, frameworks, models, methods and associated tools. 
The goal of this workshop is to answer the following questions: 
  • What are the most appropriate approaches, models, frameworks, methods and tools for supporting mature manufacturing companies in the setting-up of a User-Driven Innovation process? 
  • What are the main barriers and how to overcome them? 
We will lean about several cases from manufacturing companies. 

Workshop 2 (full day): W2 - Interdisciplinary: the road for digital transformation
Organized by Dr. Ricard Goncalves, UNINOVA; Ruben Costa, Jose Ferreira, João Martins, Joao Sarraipa, Carlos Agostinho, Maria Marques

Session 1 (Morning): Health and Wellbeing
  • Technology, SSH, Legal/Ethics
  • EU Projects participating: Smart4Health; CareLink; InteropEHRate
Session 2 (Afternoon): Industry and Skills
  • Technology, Production, Training and Working conditions
  • EU Projects participating: VF-OS; ZDMP; BOOST; Factory2Fit; A4BLUE

Workshop 3 (morning session): W3 - Intuition in Creativity and Innovation
Organized by Henri Samier, PolyTech Angers

This one hour and a half workshop session is intended for participants to discover in an original, creative and kinesthetic way how to feel your intuition; related to a change of mind state in order to connect to one's intuition while becoming aware of the importance of listening to your body. 
Through amazing methods, each participant will be able to feel her/his emotions, to question and test her/his intuition.
1 - The dimensions of intuition 
  • Intuition: genesis, processes and scientific explanations
  • Science cannot explain everything yet
  • Understand the links between my intuition and my creativity
2 - Get to better know each other in order to explore their intuitive process
  • Improve my state of being inside
  • Dare to get out of my comfort zone
  • Cultivate my strengths and strengthen my talents
3 - Decision: Rationality, Intuition and Free Will
  • Learn to use my "three centers" of decision
  • Understand the complementarity of rational and intuitive approaches
  • How to evolve towards a more intuitive operation

Workshop 4 (full day): W4- Technology supporting innovation: Smart Service Prototyping & Innovation intermediaries (Labs & Co) 
Organized by: Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek (ENSAM, Presence & Innovation Lab, Laval, France), Ferney Osorio-Bustamente (Université de Lorraine, ERPI, Nancy, France), Dr. Laurent Dupont (Université de Lorraine, ERPI, Nancy, France

In the morning

The first part of the workshop starts with a small introduction about smart services including:

  • What is a smart service?
  • What are smart service examples?
  • What is the advantage of smart services? For customer and for service provider?
  • What could be the next trigger for smart services adoption?

Then, a short introduction about service prototyping including:

  • What is service prototyping? And how to do it?
  • What are the service prototyping forms? Tools? Methods?
  • What is the advantage of service prototyping?

In the afternoon

Starting from previous research giving a preliminary framework to assess an Innovation lab, the second part of this workshop includes a brief introduction about the management of innovation intermediaries (like labs, fablabs, coworking space, etc.). From this point participants will work together around the four following questions:

  • What are the stakes in dealing with your own innovation lab?
  • What are the key factors in managing innovation labs?
  • How link this “technology” with your own organisation / company / university?

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25th ICE / IEEE ITMC Conference 2019
Dr. Marc Pallot
Presence & Innovation Team, Arts & Métiers ParisTech

Dr. Alain Zarli 
R2M Managing Partner