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History of the Conference
ICE is the International Conference on Engineering, Technology, and Innovation. It developed from an early focus on the engineering method of concurrent engineering, to general organization of the engineering process and its organization within the corporation and in networks. Concurrency obviously addresses parallelisation of activities in time, but it comes with the broadening of decision making on what is wanted and how services and products ought to be. This is not decided by technical criteria alone, but includes usability, economic, environmental, and social criteria. The ICE conference therefore discusses systems engineering as a socio-technical task with a focus on design of products and services, and the entrepreneurial innovation process for its adoption in society and economy.

Find the ICE history film 2014 here.
A proud history of ICE events:
  • ICE 1994 Sophia Antipolis, France 
  • ICE 1995 Stockholm, Sweden 
  • ICE 1996 Milan, Italy 
  • ICE 1997 Nottingham, UK 
  • ICE 1999 The Hague, The Netherlands - "5 Years Anniversary"
  • ICE 2000 Toulouse, France 
  • ICE 2001 Bremen, Germany 
  • ICE 2002 Rome, Italy
  • ICE 2003 Espoo, Finland
  • ICE 2004 Sevilla, Spain - "10 Years Anniversary"
  • ICE 2005 Munich, Germany
  • ICE 2006 Milan, Italy
  • ICE 2007 Sophia Antipolis, France
  • ICE 2008 Lisbon, Portugal
  • ICE 2009 Leiden, The Netherlands - "15 Years Anniversary"
  • ICE 2010 Lugano, Switzerland
  • ICE 2011 Aachen, Germany
  • ICE 2012 Munich, Germany
  • ICE 2013 The Hague, The Netherlands
  • ICE 2014 Bergamo, Italy - "20 Years Anniversary"
  • ICE 2015 Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • ICE 2016 Trondheim, Norway
  • ICE 2017 Madeira Island, Portugal
  • ICE 2018 Stuttgart, Germany
  • ICE 2019 Sophia Antipolis, France - "25 Years Anniversary"
  • ICE 2020 ????
This year ICE 2019 will take place in Sophia Antipolis, France, June 17th to 19th. The ICE IEEE/ITMC 2019 would like  to invite our growing community of researchers, innovators, industrialists, engineers and practitioners to share their insights, practices, projects and case studies that address the conference theme:

"Co-creating our Future: Scaling-up Innovation Capacities through the Design and Engineering of Immersive, Collaborative, Empathic and Cognitive Systems".

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25th ICE / IEEE ITMC Conference 2019
Dr. Marc Pallot
Presence & Innovation Team, Arts & Métiers ParisTech

Dr. Alain Zarli 
Centre Scientifique & Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB)